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I strive to offer a variety of different styles and colours for our stationery designs and are continually working on adding new products to my collection.

To help you make the design your own we also offer a choice of font colours and a few select designs come with the option to customise the background colour, or the colour of the design itself.

Any of my designs may be tailored to suit different events so please contact me if you see a particular design that is within a specific collection and wish to change the design to suit your event.


 All of the designs come with different font colour options. Colour selections can be made on the product page itself or emailed to me prior to receiving your proofs. The colour options I have included on our product pages are ones that I recommend based on their ability to stand out and be easily read. You may however chose another colour from our online colour chart (available on request), or you can order printed samples of our invitations to ensure optimum colour accuracy. Sample packs come with a printed colour chart.


The wording which you send us for your invitations, or other stationery, should include names (host, guests, couples), dates, venue and so on. Don’t worry If you happen to miss some essential detail out when you purchase your stationery, I will get in touch with you.

Making sure that you include capitals for names and places. etc. and correct spelling is important so please take time to prepare what your invitation wording will be.

You can add your custom text to your order on the product page before adding items to the cart, or supply it later to me via email.


Purchasing the design is the first step in initialising the design service process. By completing checkout you are securing the designer to commence work on your invitations, or other stationery. If you have any queries relating to your order which needs further clarification, please contact us prior to making the purchase and I will try to get back to you asap.


I am able to create an entire suite of wedding stationery (menus, table numbers, guest lists, details cards, etc.) based on any of the designs that are displayed on our store. Please contact us to find out more.


Communication between yourself and Birdsong Paperie will take place via email. I find that this method is the easiest as it allows me to keep track of all correspondence between the customer and the designer. Through emails Birdsong Paperie is also able to look over previous communications to clarify the instructions set out by the customer.


I strive to meet the needs of our customers and are happy to make a few different revisions to the design. The price includes up to 3 revisions (by which time I hope we have it looking just right!) Any extra revisions beyond 3 revisions will attract a $40 fee for each revision.


It is important that you spend time working on your exact wording for your custom stationery design as changes cannot be made once proofs have been approved and are ready to print, or once printing has already begun. Correct grammar and captialisation of your wording is the responsibility of the customer.

Print proofs will be sent to you via email within 2 – 3 business days, before any printing takes place. The proofs allow you to check that the wording and colour selections are just as you intended.

Please review your proofs carefully when you receive them (tip: ask a friend or family member to look over them with a fresh eye). Once you have approved the proofs, changes to the wording cannot be made and any alterations will be at the customer’s expense. A $40 fee applies to any alterations that are made by the customer after proofs are approved and returned to the designer (see returns and cancellations policy)

If by chance I make an error, I will alter the designs and reprint the stationery at no extra cost to you.

Custom commissioned design time frames vary depending of the scope of the project.

For all other design work (i.e. choosing a design from this site) expected time frames are as follows:

Receiving proofs via email:  2 -3 days 

Any Revisions: 1 – 2 days

Shipment : 3 – 5 days after final proofs are emailed

See ‘shipping’ on this page for expected delivery times.

Use of the designs

All of mt designs are subject to international copyright laws and as such remain the property of Birdsong Paperie. They may not be reproduced or published online, or elsewhere, without the consent of Birdsong Paperie. Custom designs that are purchased on this site may only be used for their intended purpose. Copying or altering the design is not permitted.


Birdsong Paperie’s designs are printed onto premium textured cardstock using high quality inks which gives it a similar quality to a watercolour painting.

We offer two varieties of cardstock: felt and linen.

They both have the look and feel of fine art paper, with felt resembling watercolour paper and linen, a textured fabric-like appearance.

Our papers and inks have been selected for their high quality and longevity and their ability to reproduce quality art prints.

Digital vs Printable Designs

Where possible I recommend having your prints printed professionally to ensure that the results are of a consistent quality and the colours match as close as possible to the original design. Colour matching is a complex and exact process which can be tricky to master if you have had limited experience in printing or graphic design.

Please be aware that printing digital files on a personal computer at home can have varied and mixed results with colours not always coming out accurately as they would on a commercial printer


Payment options include: Credit Card or Direct Debit (by request).

Our checkout/payment system is backed by Woo Commerce’s secure payment gateway with SSL encryption.

See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.


Stationery templates can be exchanged in most cases if proofs have not been finalised. Please contact us as soon as possible if you decide you would like to use a different stationery design instead of the one you originally purchased. Unfortunately, exchanges are not possible once proofs have been finalised or posted.  Sample packs of our invitations and design colours can be purchased here prior to making a final decision, if you are unsure about choosing a design.


If after you receive your proofs, you decide that you no longer wish to use the stationery for your event, a refund of your purchase amount will be issued to you (minus a $40 fee for the designers work).

Exchanges or returns cannot be made once designs have been printed.

Shipping within Australia

Shipping is calculated based on total weight of order.

Standard Australia shipping is set between $5.95 – $19.95


$2 standard shipping for invitation samples.


Discounts and Sales

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

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